29 Jul 2020

This week server updates were installed, as well as the end to our raffle! Look out for some new stuff this month! Stay safe and Play on!

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06 Jun 2020

Our first ever raffle is now live! We now have WAC (as a trial run) so that helicopters can be aqcired (still in the works). We also have a few new cars, and a few less mods, gm_atomic is now in ou... Read more

06 May 2020

Some items have been adjusted, and we are still working on the leveling system, thank you for your patience.

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14 Apr 2020

Greetings Team Echo family!

We are incredibly close to an alpha product for our server and we're sure you are just as eager to get there as we are! There are a few critical things and a hand... Read more

27 Sep 2014

Welcome to your own donation system. This works as your donation hub. Link your users to this web page after you have configured it correctly to work alongside your servers.

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Welcome To Team Echo's Shop/Donation Page!

This is our community's donation and server upkeep system. It is fully automatic and you are able to buy various packages for our DarkRP server. They may include xp boosts, ranks, custom perks, in game cash, and more! Note that some purchases take several days, depending on your bank and paypal (has been proven slow during the covid19 times)


All purchases are final, and will not be refunded. The money spent here keeps our server running.